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Taylor & Annie  September 30, 2016

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding. Of course there are lists and websites and guides to help you, but it doesn't go into the detail that Barb does. Barb was my day of coordinator and helped me organize and plan the most incredible day of my life. Everyone has an opinion about YOUR special day and it can be frustrating. Barb asks you questions, she doesn't push you or lead you in a certain way, she makes sure that everything about your wedding is EXACTLY what YOU envision. Barb is kind, selfless, professional, detail oriented, on top of everything, calming, and is always on time. Leading up to the wedding Barb and I had great conversation about how things would go. I filled out worksheets, made sure she had all the contact info she needed from venues and created a timeline of events. Her and I would go back and forth with ideas and created an unforgettable evening. She has a lot of experience so she helps you get a feel for how it all should go, but you still make it your own. She held me accountable for deadlines and made sure I was getting what I needed to get done, done.  At the rehearsal she took charge and walked us all through every detail of the ceremony. We practiced it a couple of times to unsure everyone was on the same page. I felt really good about everything leaving that day because I knew Barb was there for me. I knew she had it under control. My biggest worry, was worrying about it not being what I wanted. I left the rehearsal knowing I did not have to worry at all. It made getting ready with my closest friends and family such an amazing experience. Our wedding was beautiful. I walked in and cried because she put feet to my vision. She made it breathtaking. The flow was perfect and it turned out just how we wanted. You dream of your wedding day your whole life, and planning it sometimes makes it feel like it is not the incredible fairytale you once thought it was. Barb made sure I had my fairytale and for that I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend including Barb on your special day.

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